Friday Five – Highest Title-Winning Scores on PBA Television in 2021

Friday Five, November 12, 2021 – The five highest title-winning scores bowled on television during the 2021 PBA Tour season.

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Shawn Maldonado won his first title with a 250 game in the PBA Chameleon Championship. Kyle Troup's first major came on a 257 game in the PBA Players Championship. Tom Daugherty won his first major, the PBA World Championship, with a 263, then won the PBA Scorpion Championship with a 266. Anthony Simonsen shot 279 in game two of the PBA Tour Finals title match, then won the rolloff to claim his eighth PBA Tour title. It's also worth noting, although it wasn't on television, Darren Tang won his first title in the Classic with a 254 game.

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