Friday Five – Lowest Title-Winning Scores on the 2022 PBA Tour

Friday Five, September 16, 2022 – The five lowest scores that decided Guaranteed Rate PBA Tour titles in 2022.

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Keven Williams rolled all three strikes in the 10th for a 225 victory in the PBA Shark Championship. Anthony Simonsen bowled 219 to win the USBC Masters. Kyle Sherman's 214 won the PBA Cheetah Championship. Jason Belmonte and Dom Barrett both won major championships with 210 in the PBA Players Championship and PBA Tournament of Champions, respectively.

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  1. The Lowest Title Winning Scores from the 2022 Season on the Pba Tour is awesome for the Friday 5 Moments from the Pba Tour

    1. @Joseph Napierkowski wasn’t aware. If I think about, I guess we aren’t as limited with grips as one handed thumb users without grips🤔. Whatevers most comfy for the bowler I guess👍

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