Friday Five – Most All-Time PBA Tour Major Championships

Friday Five, October 8, 2021 – The five players with the most major championship titles in PBA Tour history.

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Mike Aulby and Walter Ray Williams both have eight majors, tying for fourth all time. Shown here are Aulby's win in the 1996 Touring Players Championship, making him the first player ever to win the Super Slam of all five majors and Williams' win in the 2006 Denny's World Championship, which tied him with Earl Anthony at the time with 41 career titles (Anthony had not yet been retroactively credited with his two ABC/USBC Masters wins). Tied for second all time are Anthony and Pete Weber. Shown here are Anthony's final title, the 1984 ABC Masters, and Weber's fifth U.S. Open title, won in 2012. The all-time leader in major titles is Jason Belmonte, who broke the record with his 11th major in the 2019 PBA World Championship, shown here. As of this post, Belmonte has 13 majors and has since joined Aulby as the only two players to complete the Super Slam.

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20 Comments on “Friday Five – Most All-Time PBA Tour Major Championships”

  1. Here before the Nascar person appears and types the title two times.

    Edit: beat them by 13 minutes, nice.

  2. I personally believe Pete’s win is the greatest moment in sports televised history. The “unscripted” raw emotion could be felt on the other side of the TV screen. No matter how many times you view it it still has the same impact. And his verbal faux pas will be quoted for all time!.

  3. I hope Belmo is making the most of his time away, and I can’t wait to see him again.
    The next “normal” season of bowling we have is going to be incredible. No player will have any momentum, and every bowler and fan is gunna be laser-focused on finding out who will win the first title back!

  4. It was painful watching Earl leaving that 10 pin on a strike shot, leftys like us shouldn’t be leaving those, it should just be 7 pins if anything, I sometimes leave more 10 pins than 7 pins on strike shots.

  5. I wish back then there was a match between Earl Anthony & Paeng Nepomuceno, a match between the smooth lefties.

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