Friday Five – Multi-time PBA Tour Champions in 2022

Friday Five, August 26, 2022 – Four players won more than one title during 2022 PBA Tour competition and one player fills out the five with three exhibition wins to go with his one title.

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Kyle Troup won the PBA Playoffs as his lone PBA Tour title in 2022 but rounds out this list of five as he also won three exhibition events: King of the Lanes, PBA League Elias Cup (with the Portland Lumberjacks) and the Strike Derby. EJ Tackett, Dom Barrett and Anthony Simonsen all won twice during the season. Jason Belmonte won five times, the most he's ever won in a single season.

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19 Comments on “Friday Five – Multi-time PBA Tour Champions in 2022”

  1. The Multi Time Pba Champions in 2022 Moments that feature Kyle Troup, E.J. Tackett, Dom Barrett, Anthony Simonsen, and Jason Belmonte are amazing.

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    1. Yes! Actually he has’t finished yet. He wants to win super slam 3 times(for this he needs 2 more us opens), win 20 majors, 10 POY. I think he also wants to beat all-time titles record, but he never speaks about it probably because it’s far away still

  3. Dude Marshall and EJ need to chill tf out. It’s just bowling lmao, what do they make from winning that tournament, like 5 grand each?

    1. @Anthony Gulick No I just think it’s funny they’re celebrating like they won the Superbowl instead of a shitty doubles tournament LOL

    2. @TheAbele992 what do you mean shitty it’s the PBA also another reason is because they’ve made so many doubles telecasts and haven’t won

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