Friday Five (or More) – Four Plus Two Players with Two Televised 300 Games

Friday Five, November 18, 2022 – The four players officially credited with two televised 300 games in title events and two more players who have bowled 300 twice on TV with one or both instances in exhibitions.

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Four players have bowled 300 twice on television in title events, but before any of them achieved that feat, two players rolled two 300 games in other circumstances.

Wes Malott bowled 300 twice during the 2009 King of Bowling exhibition. Ryan Shafer bowled a recognized 300 game (the 20th in PBA history) during the 2007 Pepsi Championship and shot his second perfect game at the 2011 GEICO PBA Team Shootout.

Sean Rash was the first player to bowl two televised 300s in title events, doing so in the 2014 PBA Wolf Open (23rd ever) and 2015 PBA Tournament of Champions (25th).

François Lavoie was perfect in the 2016 U.S. Open (26th) and became the second player with two televised 300s in the 2020 PBA Playoffs (29th), defeating Rash to tie Rash.

Chris Via was the first player to bowl two televised perfect games in the same season, bowling 300 in the 2021 PBA Players Championship East Region Finals (30th) and the 2021 PBA Tour Finals (32nd).

Jason Belmonte holds the record for longest time between televised 300s, shooting his first in the 2012 PBA World Championship (21st) and his second in the 2022 PBA Tour Finals (34th).

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29 Comments on “Friday Five (or More) – Four Plus Two Players with Two Televised 300 Games”

  1. 39 televised 300 game made by 32 different players & 1 teams. 6 from 32 players are made 2x televised 300 game. Who will the 1st to make the 3rd time? We’ll waiting

    Greetings from Indonesia

  2. The Bowlers that had 2 televised 300 games were amazing especially the 4 Bowlers with 2 televised 300 Games, Ryan Shafer had 1 in a televised event and another in a special event, and Wes Malott had 2 in the Special Event.

    1. @Nate Craven I seen him on 12 year old girl bowling channels calling them beautiful and saying he knows they’re entire history. He needs help

  3. Did Chris Via throw the Phaze 2 for both of his 300s?
    Edit: never mind it was the phaze 2 for his first and the proton physix for his second. Lol my bad

  4. Getting one 300 is difficult enough. 2 is extraordinary. I don’t know if I could handle the excitement. These pros really know how to contain themselves.

  5. I think the coolest thing besides all of these 300 games is the different scoreboards at the bottom left.

    Just seeing the evolution of it throughout 15 years and between 3 sports channels is quite the spectacle!

  6. Meanwhile, Walter Ray must hold the record for being beaten on TV by 300 games. In addition to the King of Bowling seen here thrown by Wes Malott, he’s been on the wrong end of televised 300s #7 Johnny Petraglia (1994 PBA National), #12 Steve Hoskins (Ebonite Challenge – Rochester, 1997) , and #16 (Norm Duke. 2003 Earl Anthony Classic). Parker’s been on the receiving end of a couple (the second of Wes Malott’s here plus #9 by C.K. Moore (1996 Columbia 300 Open), but at least Parker also bowled #13. Walter got robbed by a 10-pin on his highest TV score IIRC.

    1. Let’s not forget Sean Rash!

      #22 Chris Barnes – 2012 Geico PBA Shark Open
      #24 Ronnie Russell – 2014 Chameleon Open
      #28 Jakob Butturff – 2020 PBA Tour Finals
      #29 Francois Lavoie – 2020 PBA Playoffs

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