Friday Five – Past Five U.S. Open Champions

Friday Five, April 9, 2021 – the past five U.S. Open Champions.

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In 2016, François Lavoie won his first major title over Marshall kent after rolling a 300 game against Shawn Maldonado in the semifinal match. Rhino Page won his first major in 2017 with a win over Jakob Butturff, who finished second again in 2018 to Dom Barrett, who claimed his second career major title. Lavoie won again in 2019 and Jason Belmonte won his first U.S. Open in 2020 to complete the Super Slam of all five majors won over the course of his career.

17 Comments on “Friday Five – Past Five U.S. Open Champions”

  1. the 5 U.S. Open winners that featured Francois Lavoie, Rhino Page, Dom Barrett, and Jason Belmonte were amazing

  2. If the other bowler won the title

    2016 – Marshal Kent
    2017 – Jakob Butturff
    2018 – Jakob Butturff
    2019 – Sean Rash
    2020 – Anthony Simonsen

    What a difference that would make

    1. @Bowling.Videos wow for being a pro and on as many shows as he has been hes won 1 title on tv

    2. @Molasses Flash I’d like to see you make a tv show 🙂 or bowl on a sport shot 🙂 or average over 150 🙂

    3. @Bowling.Videos I have bowled on sport shots and averaged 180 I however bowl for a hobby and for fun with friends and not as a job not saying he isnt a good bowler just he is known for choking on tv and rarely winning

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