Friday Five – Past Five USBC Masters Champions

Friday Five, April 2, 2021 – the past five USBC Masters champions all set personal or PBA milestones with their victories.

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In 2015, Jason Belmonte became the first player to win the USBC Masters three consecutive times. Anthony Simonsen made himself the youngest player ever to win a major by claiming the 2016 USBC Masters. Belmonte won the event for a record fourth time in 2017. Andrew Anderson (2018) and Jakob Butturff (2019) each won their first career major titles. The event was not held in 2020.

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  1. Jason Belmonte, Anthony Simonsen, Andrew Anderson, and Jakob Butturff are in the match play bracket of the 2021 USBC Masters that begins at 1:00 P.M. on Bowltv

  2. 2017 was a great one, Michael Tang was sooo good! Then he went up against a wall in Belmo who wasn’t missing.

    2015 will always be my favorite, why? It was in Green Bay, WI, my hometown! The lanes were difficult just like Randy said!

  3. Butturff’s will probably always be the sweetest.
    The culmination of so many 2nd-place major finishes

    1. Yeah, those bowling balls are super spreaders. Gotta watch out… Its weird cuz my Grandpa’s Senior league has never stopped in Florida.. Packed house every week, no masks, just normal bowling. Not one of those old dudes ever got Covid… Who woulda known if you wash your hands and take basic Sanitary precaution you can avoid spreading a Virus! On the otherhand, in New York, my Brothers league was shut down, they came back in June, with their masks and half the league got Covid. I wonder if its due to those masks making things worse. All people do is touch their masks the whole time putting germs all over them and then breathe them out into the air… Who knows, Im no Dr.. Im just glad I live in Florida and didn’t have my business forcefully shut down and end up homeless and on welfare. No lockdowns or masks mandates here, and our death rates were pretty low even though our population is the oldest in the country.

    2. @TheBigSquirrel 50 Dont worry bud, I can breathe just fine. Maybe cuz I dont have 10 masks on my face and a face shield.. lol

  4. Not tryna be mean, but it’s crazy how Simo lost his hair in just a few years lol.. Bowling literally makes you pull your hair out sometimes.

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