Friday Five – PBA Players in the 2022 Jimmie Allen PBA Challenge

Friday Five, October 14, 2022 – The seven PBA players participating in the 2022 Jimmie Allen PBA Challenge that airs Sunday, October 16 on FOX (check local listings for air times in your area).

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PBA Jr. Ambassador Bella Love Castillo joins EJ Tackett and Bob Learn Jr. as competitors in the Celebrity Super Clash portion of the event by special invitation of Jimmie Allen. Shown here are Castillo being interviewed by Mike Jakubowski on the red carpet prior to the event, Learn rolling a perfect game in the 1996 Flagship Open and Tackett winning the 2019 PBA Tour Finals.

The four PBA players entered in the doubles tournament: Ronnie Russell (shown winning the 2015 CP3 Invitational) bowling with Hannibal Buress, Kyle Troup (shown winning the 2021 PBA Players Championship) teaming with Nelly, AJ Johnson (shown winning the 2021 CP3 Invitational with his partner again this year, Terrell Owens) and Sean Rash (shown winning the 2020 PBA Oklahoma Open, bowling with Jimmie Allen.

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8 Comments on “Friday Five – PBA Players in the 2022 Jimmie Allen PBA Challenge”

  1. I am looking forward to watching the Jimmy Allen Pba Challenge that is airing in 2 Days on Sunday at 4:30 P.M. on Fox.

  2. I can’t wait for Jimmy Allen PBA Challenge. Definitely tuning in for that after the Patriots and Browns game. I’m glad that the game is not on at 4:30 so I can watch this.

  3. There is absolutely no way that she averaged 239 for a season yet her highest series 746. She would’ve consistently had to shoot 710-720 every week, and people who do that, have bowled over 750

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