Friday Five – PBA Tour 2-8-10 Split Conversions

Friday Five, July 16, 2021 – five of the best 2-8-10 split conversions from PBA Tour, PBA League and PBA50 Tour competition.

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Bob Learn Jr. used a backup ball to convert during the 2016 PBA50 Fountain Valley Open. Pete Weber spared the 2-8-10 during the 2012 Roth/Holman Doubles Championship. Dick Allen picked up the split during the 2014 PBA Bear Open stepladder finals. Anthony Simonsen backed the ball in for a conversion during the 2020 PBA Tour Finals. Mika Koivuniemi converted the 2-8-10 for the Silver Lake Atom Splitters during 2015 PBA League competition.

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20 Comments on “Friday Five – PBA Tour 2-8-10 Split Conversions”

  1. Definitely a tough split. Pretty sure I’ve only picked it a couple times too. Like 7-10, throw and hope

  2. Randy Peterson be like:
    “I’ve made the 7-10 split 7 times.”
    “I’ve made the 2-8-10 once in my life!!”

  3. I just made this spare for the first time on Tuesday after bowling my best games ever. It was great

  4. I’m the opposite, Randy. Never made the 7-10 but I converted the 2-8-10 twice, and in the same week. I spared it in league and then in a practice session at the end of the week, I left it standing. Told my friend how I spared it and then went ahead to convert it the exact same way. Also have a big four conversion but I’m convinced the 7-10 will never happen, lol.

  5. For a righty, the way that Bob Learn did it is definitely the way to go. It’s a legit shot that you can aim for. The other right handers basically throw rockets at the left side of the 2 pin and pray for crazy pin action off the wall. This is assuming you know how to throw a decent back up ball. Ofc we know that Simo can throw back up balls well enough to win tournaments with it, so for him it’s a relatively easy shot, like asking a left to make that shot.

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