Friday Five – Players Ranked 6-10 in Most All-Time PBA Tour Titles (And Their Most Recent Wins)

Friday Five, October 1, 2021 – The five players ranked 6th-10th in most titles in PBA Tour history, featuring their most recent wins.

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Brian Voss and Jason Belmonte are tied for 10th with 25 wins apiece, with Voss getting his most recent win (with partner Diandra Asbaty) in the 2010 Don and Paula Carter Mixed Doubles and Belmonte winning the 2020 PBA Chameleon Championship. Don Johnson is ninth with 26 titles, earning his last one in the 1977 Midas Open. The latest win for 29-time champion Mike Aulby came in the 2001 Silicon Valley Open. 30-time champion Dick Weber won for the final time in the 1977 King Louie Open. Mark Roth is ranked sixth all time with 34 titles, winning the 1995 IOF Foresters Open.

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15 Comments on “Friday Five – Players Ranked 6-10 in Most All-Time PBA Tour Titles (And Their Most Recent Wins)”

  1. When the best bowler in the world (WRWJ) has made lest money throughout his whole 20+ year career on the tour than a neurosurgeon makes on 4 years.

    1. Hmmm, I don’t get your point. Doctors study for years & years….and keep studying their whole careers. A bowler does what?

  2. Awesome video! Just felt a bit weird at the start when it said Brian Voss and in the next second Asbaty was in the screen

    1. He bowled plenty this year. Just that he didn’t make many shows so he helped commentate the matches when he missed the shows.

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