Friday Five – Players with the Most All-Time PBA Tour Titles (Featuring Their Most Recent Wins)

Friday Five, September 24, 2021 – The five players with the most titles in PBA Tour history, featuring their most recent wins.

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Parker Bohn III won his 35th title in the 2015 Cheetah Championship, breaking a tie at 34 with Mark Roth. Pete Weber won his 37th title (and then-record-tying 10th major) in the 2013 PBA Tournament of Champions. Norm Duke won back-to-back titles in 2019, earning his 40th in the PBA Jonesboro Open. Earl Anthony's final title was his 43rd, earned in the 1984 USBC (ABC) Masters. Walter Ray Williams Jr. won his record 47th title in the 2010 USBC Masters.

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37 Comments on “Friday Five – Players with the Most All-Time PBA Tour Titles (Featuring Their Most Recent Wins)”

    1. @TheAbele992 good for you man never change who you are, also don’t let assholes like Michael Barry get to you, they’re just boomers that can’t handle change.

    2. @TheAbele992 oooh hahahahahaha, I do that with my 2 handed friend all the time, I was working when he came into my store and he didn’t notice me in one of the aisles, then when he turned his back I yelled 2 HANDED BOWLERS SUCK! and we were just dying laughing. 😂😂😂

    3. @Bowling Boi Boomers are the best generation mind you. Zoomers are lost. No culture being raised only knowing the blue light of a screen. But you will have that thumb of yours in the ball if you intend on using a ball with a thumb hole on your shot. You will get a bigger bag or extra bag. You will abide by the USBC. Now go watch tiktok and punch air. I’ll be chillin listening to knife party – Internet friends and duck sauce – Barbara Streisand. Then some Sierra Leone and end it on Jim Jones – BALLIN’

    1. @TheAbele992 simple, they dont pull in as much revenue as other associations like pga, nba, nfl, mlb, ect. If they could, they would pay just as well as all of them but there just isnt the funding and viewership to afford to do so

  1. Wait I thought that Pete Webers 10th major was his 5th U.S. Open win, which is why it was so historical? Guess I was wrong.

    1. @PBABowling Again, please explain to me why the 5th-most paid PBA player this year makes less than #200 on the PGA tour.

    2. @PBABowling oh ok, that’s cool, I always thought that it was the TOC win then his 5th U.S. Open win 😂, I did know that Pete’s TOC victory was historical too because he’s the only one in his family to have won it before.

      And btw thanks for replying to my comment I love bowling and I love the PBA, I went to a Bowlero bowling alley for the first time in my life this week and my mind was blown. I’m excited for the next PBA Tour event and I know that it’ll be a great one 👍

    3. @TheAbele992 because Tiger Woods existed and more people watch golf than bowling. That’s not an insult, that’s literally just the numbers.

    4. @TheBigSquirrel 50 I mean the sport of bowling is somewhere between horseshoes and mini golf at this point, so I guess it makes sense.

  2. ウォルターレイさんほんとにかっこいい…

  3. I just realized that all 5 highlights had different color commentators.

    Parker Bohn III: Mike
    Pete Weber: Lon
    Norm Duke: Dave Lamont
    Earl Anthony: ???
    Walter Ray Williams Jr.: Rob Stone

  4. 7:20. They way Walter Ray has such heavy roll and ball speed, there is almost nobody that hits the pocket more devastating. There is no chance at even a small or 9 pin because how square he hits the 1-3 pocket. Perfection in motion.

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