Friday Five – Previous Five PBA Players Championship Winners

Friday Five, January 12, 2024 – The previous five PBA Players Championship winners, 2019-2023.

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Anthony Simonsen won the 2019 PBA Players Championship for his second major. Bill O'Neill won his second major in the 2020 PBA Players Championship. Kyle Troup's first major title came in the 2021 PBA Players Championship. In 2022, Jason Belmonte won the Players Championship for the third time. Kevin McCune became the first third-generation PBA Tour champion when he won the 2023 PBA Players Championship.

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8 Comments on “Friday Five – Previous Five PBA Players Championship Winners”

  1. PbaBowling, Thank you for uploading the Friday five Moments that features the Previous Bowlers that have won the Pba Players Championship on the Pba Tour. Also, the 2 Rounds of Match play is going to be on Bowltv Today and the 3rd Round of Match Play is Tomorrow. Also, I am looking forward to watching the Stepladder Finals of the Players Championship in a couple of days that is airing on Monday at 5 P.M. on Fox.

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