Friday Five – The Five Lefties Selected in the 2024 PBA Elite League Draft

Friday Five, December 15, 2023 – The five lefties selected in the 2024 PBA Elite League draft.

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Five lefties were chosen among the 32 selections in the 2024 PBA Elite League draft held Wednesday, December 13. Matthew Russo returned to the Las Vegas High Rollers and Graham Fach returned to the Portland Lumberjacks. Justin Knowles will make his PBA Elite League debut for the Motown Muscle. Jakob Butturff joins the Dallas Strikers after six seasons with L.A. X. Keven Williams joins L.A. X after spending the previous season with Chicago and the season before that with Motown.

Four other lefties are also in the PBA Elite League and were protected and thus not available in the draft: Jesper Svensson (Akron Atom Splitters), Packy Hanrahan (New Jersey KingPins), Parker Bohn III and Ryan Ciminelli (Waco Wonders).

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8 Comments on “Friday Five – The Five Lefties Selected in the 2024 PBA Elite League Draft”

  1. too bad the PBA idiots took away the purple hammer, but they are pros and they will find new weapons, hopefully baby bRash can show some integrity and stop crying already about everything. Russo bowling with that crybaby is like punishment. Rash should have been DQ’ed and Russo named the winner in that other tournament

    1. As much as I agree I don’t think Russo would’ve done that. As big of a cry baby as Rash is and as much as I wanted to see him get Dqed, He still won the match and Russo probably wouldn’t of bowled it

  2. PbaBowling, Thank you for uploading the Friday 5 Moments that featured the 5 Lefties that were selected in the 2024 Pba Elite League Draft. Also, I am looking forward to watching the Matches from the Pba Elite League on both Bowltv and F.S.1.

  3. Nice to see Knowles getting a shot. Don’t know too much about him but enjoyed watching him last season. Good to have some new faces in the league.

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