Friday Five – The Five Worst Breaks in PBA Televised Bowling History

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Friday Five, August 7, 2020 – five of the worst breaks in the history of the PBA Tour on television.

In 2009, Chris Barnes needed to win the U.S. Open to earn Player of the Year honors. In the final frame of the semifinal match against Mike Scroggins, Barnes left a stone 8-pin and lost to Scroggins.

Wes Malott had a chance to get back in the game against Mike Fagan in the championship match of the 2014 PBA World Championship, but a stone 9-pin ended Malott's hopes.

The 2019 PBA Players Championship could've been Jason Belmonte's record-breaking 11th major, but instead he left two 7-10 splits, including one in the final frame, ultimately losing to Anthony Simonsen.

The all-time record holder in PBA Tour titles, Walter Ray Williams Jr., might've had one more if not for a disastrous 8-10 split in the 10th frame against Patrick Allen at the 2009 National Bowling Stadium Championship.

In 2018, Randy Pedersen's stone 8-pin against Ernie Schlegel in the last frame of the 1995 Touring Players Championship was voted in a tie for 10th as one of the 60 most memorable moments in PBA Tour history.

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36 Comments on “Friday Five – The Five Worst Breaks in PBA Televised Bowling History”

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    1. Bowling Planet what time (eastern time) is the premiere of norm duke’s greatest wins tomorrow

    2. VideoGamingFan nice to see you again and you are correct it was a very bad break. Do you know what time (eastern time) is bowling planet’s premiere tomorrow

    1. The glaringly obvious reason would be because Chris Barnes still had the chance to tie the match after his stone 8.

  1. I remember watching Belmonte’s match with a lot of people during a collegiate tournament in Indiana. To say everyone was shocked was an understatement.

    1. Disagree. Walter Ray’s shot was fast and flat and should have been a 10 pin at best. Randy absolutely flushed the pocket and caught the one true tap in bowling.

    2. leaving an 8 – 10 isn’t a bad break. it’s a horrible shot. no hand, too much speed and you get a big splat! i’ve seen puke hit the floor harder than that ball did the pins

    1. If Wes has gotten a strike, he would’ve been down by 12, which is possible to come back from. Wes needed that strike to stay in the game, and that solid 9 basically ended it.

  2. Randy’s stone eight was absolutely horrific and what made it worse was Schlagel being a jerk about it. Not gonna lie I lost a lot of respect for Ernie after that one.

    1. @mallboss1219 Ernie was a big time “money bowler” and talked a lot of crap during these pot games….He was damn near impossible to beat in a pot game. That said, he approached everything like it was a pot game

  3. I loved bowling as a kid. Couldn’t afford to keep doing it. I was good to, at 12 I was bowling between 150s and 180s. Had to quit and give it up for years. Bowled a half a dozen times in 20 years and could barely break 100. Finally convinced the wife that I wanted a couple of good bowling balls and finally got them before the quarantine and got to bowl 5 or 6 times trying to start over and find a mark. Slowly improving my game. I hit 200 just before the quarantine when everything shut down. Been bowling once since it reopened and came so close to breaking 200 on my last game, but got screwed by the 8 I believe, got that, then on the shot I got 9. Total score 199. I was so freaking mad. Can’t wait to get back on the lanes. Maybe tomorrow. All in all I think I’m doing good for not doing it everyday.

  4. I don’t know why you show the text of what’s going to happen before it happens. Isn’t that the point of WATCHING the video?

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