Friday Five – Top Five 2021 PBA Tour Finals Moments

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Friday Five, July 2, 2021 – five of the best moments from the 2021 PBA Tour Finals.

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Anthony Simonsen won Group 2 and then won his eighth career PBA Tour title in a roll-off over Kyle Troup, who was the Group 1 winner. Chris Via rolled his second career televised perfect game. Via, Simonsen and Jesper Svensson picked up some splits during qualifying. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

24 Comments on “Friday Five – Top Five 2021 PBA Tour Finals Moments”

  1. there were incredibla moments in the Pba Tour Finals that included the split Conversions, the televised 300 game from Chris Via, and the Roll offs in the Race 2 points match in the 1st and 2nd Group Stepladder finals and the Championship match

  2. I think I will bring this up before anyone pounces on it.

    I know some, if not many, were not happy with Anthony’s response to his PBA Tour Finals win against Kyle Troup. However, while I can agree it was “not ideal” for him, I need to bring up a few things.

    1. Anthony’s last win: PBA Bear Open 2019, almost if not 2 years ago. In between that win and this win included 9 TV appearances, 5 of which ended in 2nd place finishes.

    2. He is 24, way younger than Jason Belmonte when he had his dry spell in 2016 (32). I can’t think it would be any easier for Anthony, let alone anyone of that age to control their words and actions after breaking a drought like that.

    So, before anyone pounces on Anthony, do consider the trials he had to go through to finally win his 8th title.

    Anthony, congrats! I hope you can continue that momentum in future events! 🙂

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