Friday Five – Youngest Players to Win Five Major Championships

Friday Five, December 16, 2022 – Only seven players have won five or more majors on the PBA Tour. Here are the five who were the youngest at the time of their fourth major victory.

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Earl Anthony was 39 years old when he won the 1977 ABC Masters. Mike Aulby was 35 for his 1995 PBA Tournament of Champions win, which also completed the Triple Crown for him. Don Carter was 34 when he won the 1960 First Annual PBA National Championship. Jason Belmonte was 31 during the 2015 USBC Masters. Pete Weber holds the record as the youngest to win five majors at 30 years, two months old when he won the 1992 PBA Touring Players Championship.

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7 Comments on “Friday Five – Youngest Players to Win Five Major Championships”

  1. Friday Five: PBA pros due for a national title in 2023- 1. AJ Johnson, 2.Brad Miller, 3. AJ Chapman, 4. Nick Pate, 5. Patrick (Packy) Hanrahan

  2. Jason Belmonte and Anthony Simonsen may face each other in one of the Major tournaments or a National event on the Pba Tour in 2023.

  3. like many people say. . Simonsen is only 25 and is only 1 away. I think he’s going to take this record too.

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