Guppy Troup vs. Walter Ray Williams Jr.

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1986 PBA Pro Bowlers Tour Guppy Troup vs. Walter Ray Williams Jr. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

31 Comments on “Guppy Troup vs. Walter Ray Williams Jr.”

  1. Bill Murray’s character in KingPin HAD to be inspired by Guppy Troup lol

    THOSE PANTS!! 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

    1. His son Kyle did start s trend in the south region of loud colorful shirts. We had alot of fun with it

  2. I had the privilege to bowl against Guppy when I was a junior leaguer in a pro-am tournament. Great guy. He had a pair of of white bowling shoes painted like a Guppy fish.

  3. Guppy is the man!!! My favorite pro bowler. The guy is very nice, polite, and down to earth guy! It was an honor meeting him and talking to him. He tipped me a $100.

  4. Guppy is a real nice guy and Kyle is the same. Good family. I hope they gets there butts over to Sandhills Bowling again soon. We all love seeing them. If this covid thing ever gets under control perhaps.

  5. Guppy using the Black Hammer and the Blue Nail…WRWJr using the Ebonite Firebolt…had all three back in the day…

  6. I remember meeting guppy in O7 or 08 at my local bowling alley and he showed up and was watching the league my brother was on and my brother took me over to him and guppy was a very nice dude.

  7. 2 of the greatest gentlemen to meet on the tour. I bowled with Guppy in a pro am and competed against Kyle in the south region. Walter never bowled heads up against him but one hell of a guy.

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