How to Pitch Horseshoes – The 1 1/4 Turn Release – Walter Ray Williams, Jr

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How to Pitch Horseshoes Movie -Lesson Four featuring Coach Walter Ray Williams, Jr. along with Walter Ray Williams, Jr. present this clip for anyone wanting to learn How to Pitch Horseshoes. To purchase this DVD or download the 76 minute video visit:

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Legendary horseshoe pitching champion Walter Ray Williams, Jr. explains every aspect of this fun and challenging sport. He works with players of various skill levels, and provides them with all the techniques, tips and strategies needed to become better players. Walter Ray also details various scoring methods and rules used when competing in league play and tournament matches. This comprehensive Video is a must-have for anyone serious about pitching horseshoes!

About the Coach:

Walter Ray Williams Jr. is a nine-time World Champion in horseshoes (three junior titles and six men's titles). He is a member of the National Horseshoe Pitching Association Hall of Fame and has won many other titles in the sport. He is also a champion Pro Bowler and is currently the leading money winner of all time on the Pro Bowler's Tour. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

7 Comments on “How to Pitch Horseshoes – The 1 1/4 Turn Release – Walter Ray Williams, Jr”

  1. His follow through is turning the shoe and not his wrist rotating. Walters advice in his DVD is awesome about rotating the wrist just after the shoe passes the leg and then following through straight to the stake without trailing off to the left.

  2. Dude_throws two ringers
    Other guy_ not bad but your doing it wrong, try this
    Dude_ misses steak completely! Lmao

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