Huge Rev Rate for Matt Ogle recorded at 2016 USBC Masters

Analysis for first round leader Matt Ogle tracks his rev rate at 571 rpm. Filmed at the 2016 USBC Masters.

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24 Comments on “Huge Rev Rate for Matt Ogle recorded at 2016 USBC Masters”

    1. +tackywacky99 agree, I mean Robert Smith was able to achieve this with one hand 10-15 years ago. Not to mention I don’t understand why this is a big deal for having big rev rate, I’m pretty sure the average rev rate for the tour is around 450-475 rpm nowadays.

    2. @Largest BowlingNut Yeah but this is still over 100 RPMs over the average professional bowler, that’s a significant amount lol. Almost 600 RPMs is impressive regardless of one or 2 hands, thumb or no thumb etc. And yes you are correct, Robert Smith’s power was untouchable then and to this day only a small handful are even in the same category. Robert Smith was a damn freak though…..that guy does stuff with a bowling ball that most 2 handers couldnt dream of

    1. I dont see how some people say its cheating or not considered bowling
      …… still have to hit the pocket, still have to hit your marks, make the right adjustments to compensate for oil breakdown, still have to have the knowledge to make changes when things arent working. I get that bowling 2 handed is an easy way to add revs, it’s pretty hard to deny that. But revs alone will not make you a great bowler, and for some, bowling 2 handed will complicate things and actually make them bowl worse. It’s a tradeoff, sure you will be able to play parts of the lane that you werent able to before adding the new found revs, but now you risk going thru the nose and leaving more splits when the lanes break down, you now will have to make line changes earlier and more frequently since the revs will burn up the lanes quicker. Just increasing the rate at which the ball spins does not increase your average……you now have to figure out how to harness the power and control it and make changes to your game. Several years ago when I was still actively bowling I frequently topped 600 RPMs bowling with one hand so it’s not like it cant be done.

  1. 2 handed jealousy is cute. He actually used to be one handed, but had a wrist injury and was told he would never bowl again. It doesn’t bother him at all two handed.

    1. i had the pleasure of bowling league with this guy some years ago and saw him transition, phenomenal

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