Incredible Split Conversions by PBA Tour Players on 2020 Telecasts

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PBA Tour players have been converting splits on FOX and FS1 since the beginning of the 2020 season. Watch them take down difficult pin combinations through the World Series of Bowling.

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34 Comments on “Incredible Split Conversions by PBA Tour Players on 2020 Telecasts”

    1. @Oran Paul It seems that hitting the 6 pin can clear the 3 6 9 10 and splits in that corner a key pin for a right hander.

  1. Had Anthony converted the 7-10 split on March 15th (Even though he wasn’t trying to convert it), that would’ve been the sweetest of the conversions.

    1. Stephen Short definitely a reminiscence of Ciminelli’s 7-10 in the chameleon open (I think) against Chris Barnes

  2. Oh my, if Anthony Simonsen converted the 7-10, he would’ve made history being the 4th 7-10 split conversion on television!

  3. Tackett is probably my favorite bowler right now but Chris Prather is definitely exciting to watch. Hopefully season gets back up and rolling soon.

  4. Saw the 3-10 done live. Immediately had to call my Dad to find out if we shared that amazing moment together. Chills.

  5. I’m a kid and on my first game in my bowling league, I made the 6-7-10!!
    Edit: also, it wasn’t luck, I made the 6 pin slide into the 7 pin while still hitting the 10 pin!

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