Incredible Split Conversions on 2019 PBA Tour Telecasts

Early in the 2019 PBA Tour season, PBA players have converted several difficult splits and washouts on FOX and FS1. Here are some of the biggest through February, featuring Kyle Troup, EJ Tackett, Wes Malott, Norm Duke, Jesper Svensson, Sean Lavery-Spahr and Mookie Betts.

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47 Comments on “Incredible Split Conversions on 2019 PBA Tour Telecasts”

  1. There haven’t been a whole lot of high scores on the TV finals this year. But, these spilt conversations make up for it. Insane!

    1. for every split you see get made there’s 2-3 that aren’t so hence poor bowling

    2. @orgonko the wildly untamed lol so you make these spares on the daily while your paycheck is on the line?

    1. @Bruce on the Loose okay, well it isn’t like it was a light ball okay! is wasn’t a small 8 pound, it was a 13 pound so there is no need to make that comment

    2. That wasnโ€™t meant as a โ€œcommentโ€ at all, just remarking that almost always in bowling you want to throw the heaviest ball you can to carry through the pins, but with this split, is an example of a lighter ball being an advantage. I use 16 lbs like most everyone, but if I had a 12 lb ball available to throw at this split I would use it.

    3. I made the 8-10 im a lefty and just barely hit the 8 and it went right to the 10 and barely knocked it down

  2. Kyle Troup is my favorite spare shooter. I just love his energy whenever he makes a spare. I thought he was going to make the 2 8 10 lol

  3. Great conversions under the tv lights but the ones with the head pin arent technically splits. They’re washouts. I know, I’m splitting hairs. Oh, and yes, pun intended

    1. It’s not a split because you didn’t technically hit where you need to. If you hit the “strike zone” you’ll have the 1 pin guaranteed.

    2. Yes, if pin number 1 is standing, it is not a split. This I learned at an early age in the 1980’s, when I was starting my hobby here in Finland.

  4. Yeah, I 2nd a post further down. I’ve always been told that if the headpin is there, it’s not a split.

  5. Guess I must be mistaken…thought for it to be considered a split, the head-pin cannot be standing.

    1. Amazing shot. It wouldn’t work without the 4 taking out the 8, and to throw the shot with that much hook on it makes it all the more impressive.

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