Intense Finish To EJ Tackett, Jesper Svensson Match At 2021 USBC Masters

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Watch the final two frames as EJ Tackett and Jesper Svensson battle in an intense match in the winners bracket at the 2021 USBC Masters.


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34 Comments on “Intense Finish To EJ Tackett, Jesper Svensson Match At 2021 USBC Masters”

  1. E.J still fist-bumped Jesper despite how bad the frustration was–respect. Especially in light of how ridiculous lane play probably was, given that the Iceman was in reactive haha… Anyone know which ball that is, actually?

    1. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a Hy-Road Pearl. Jesper uses Storm, and the Hy-Road Pearl is also a dark purple color.

    2. it definitely looked like the hyroad pearl, but I use mostly hammer so correct me if I’m wrong

    3. in bowling i think you can never really be mad at the other player but be mad at yourself on how you bowl. when i get frustrated like tackett i always have to remind myself not to punch the wall or anything because then you regret it because it was your bowling hand. you see how he looks at his hand on the way out? lol

    1. @Full English Breakfast So he’s not allowed to be upset?? That’s called passion my friend. And he gave Jesper a fist bump regardless of how mad he was at his performance.

    2. @Full English Breakfast, wrong. He gave Jesper a sportsmanlike fist bump, and then he walked away to deal with normal feelings anyone would have. He’s not a robot. Your comments would be appropriate if he broke a chair, threw the ball threw a monitor, or something of that caliber. Nothing wrong with calmly walking away.

    1. And also have to factor in, there not bowling 20 to 30 separate tournaments a year like they used to. More pressure on each individual tourney now. One shot is difference in thousands of dollars for them and pro bowlers aren’t rich especially when ya subtract travel expenses, tourney expenses, food expenses, and having to quarantine or stay there extra time im sure costs money. I think these times right now are the toughest times theres ever been to be a professional bowler

    2. Every pin counts, this is the masters. One of the highest stages in bowling, extremely stressful and emotional. This was most likely the reason EJ missed the show.

    3. The pattern was tougher than it usually was if players missed their mark by a bit the ball would react or it high in the pocket

    4. Cause there was a lot on the line and the pattern was very difficult. For the U.S. Open matches you’ll probably see even more emotion

  2. im sure all the people in the comment section saying “they lost respect for e.j” because of his attitude are kids or never played any sports/competitive before..theres money on the line

  3. Frustration probably has been building since last week, and is reaching some players limits. Don’t be too quick to judge on this minor thing.

  4. With money on the line, I can see the stress and emotions running high. Gained respect for EJ for at least fist-bumping Jesper. You can be pissed at your performance but showing respect to the winner for a rough match is a win. Good on him and hope he has a way to take out his frustrations.

  5. This is a great behind the scenes video. Solid length, shows the emotion you dont get to see, and the graphics weren’t intrusive but immediately helpful. Great videos lately, guys!

  6. This is the worst series he’s bowled in the Master. If he wins this one, he def would have made the show. It really is a shame as he’s bowled great the rest of the time. I see no issues w/ showing emotions. He was disappointed at himself. He showed great sportsmanship by giving Jesper a fist bump. He’s not whining or complaining like NBA players when they don’t get a foul call. Its part of competing. He’ll move on.

  7. Poor chair always getting the punches. But it looks like that punch stung a little by the shake off away from camera

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