Is Urethane the Answer? Day 1 at Bowling’s U.S. Open.

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Mike Flanagan checks in with some of the worlds best pro bowlers! Hear how ball reps and pros plan to attack the brutal US Open lanes. Join us here all week for exclusive coverage of the US Open in Reno, Nevada!

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33 Comments on “Is Urethane the Answer? Day 1 at Bowling’s U.S. Open.”

  1. If the lanes are that flat and difficult, I would assume playing on the upper boards with urethane would be your best tactic, since the scores aren’t going to be high anyways.
    Playing urethane on the upper boards usually isn’t going to give you high scores, but it’s going to minimize splits and breaks so you don’t get really low scores.

    1. That just makes them snap more usually. To neuter a resin ball put like 500 on the surface so the ball hooks in the early lane and rolls out. Over storing energy and snapping

    2. @Stomping Peak NOT as bad as you think…. It’s what I do at Age 63 to keep control on dry shots

  2. I really hope alot of these young bowlers have some other source of income besides hoping the tour will pay them enough to have a decent living. It’s not easy and most get roommates to help with the hotel costs and I have never looked at the guys running the oil machines as hero’s😂….they were usually the enemy, laying down ridiculous patterns. Drier outside, oil in the middle, 38-44ft down. Pros shouldn’t have to be using urethane for the US Open. They should be able to use the reactive resins balls coming out (latest and greatest). Show off the new balls and technology. They did back in the 90s. Pros couldn’t wait to whip out the new Rhino Pro or the Piranha. But that’s just my opinion and I’ve bowled for 30 years, so I completely understand what is going on and the patterns. Just felt like ranting some😂

  3. I’m sorry for my ignorance but what do they mean when they say that this pattern had a speed bump on it?

    1. No ignorance on this one, that’s a good question that I’m not even 100% sure on, but I’m pretty sure it means that at the end of the pattern there’s part of the oil that is flat all across the lane that can kinda cause their balls to lose their reaction down lane I believe

    2. @Nick Caruso sorta right, down lane there is a spot that the oil cuts off for about a foot or 2 then the oil continues for the rest of the pattern. look at the red oil from the masters down lane you can see a visual of what I’m talking about.

  4. Jillian Martin is awesome, I could watch her bowl all day. So much talent, she’s gonna destroy the PWBA

  5. Who will be the first male PBA member that identifies as a female and joins PWBA?

    That’ll be fun…

  6. Can we take a minute to applaud Mike and the Video Production team for this quality vlog! Why haven’t these been a thing in the past…these are fantastic! Insight from players, reps, player highlights….this video has it all!

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