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    1. EJ Tackett is a super freak who rips the cover off the ball unlike anyone I’ve ever seen

    2. @KridicalX Si bro you throwing 2 handed on a house shot doesn’t mean anything lol that’s where you can throw it however and strike

  1. Non-bowler here that has interest in watching: why was it so controversial to have 2-handed bowlers?

    1. 2 main reasons

      1- I call it the boomer argument. It’s because it’s non-traditional. 2- The biggest gripe is that most 2 handers only put 2 fingers in the ball, which allows more room for error in comparison to most 1 handers that put three finger in the ball. As well as on average 2 handers have a higher rev rate and power, which can make it easier to strike.

      Overall to me I think it’s not a big deal and I bowl 1 handed. To me it’s just another style.

    2. Two handed bowlers have a general higher rate of revolutions on their shot which general means more carry.

    3. ​@Stephen Levine there are plenty of 1 handers that only use 2 fingers (tom daugherty is one i think)

    4. @IM AN EAGLE  oh there are for sure! I’m just liting reasons I have heard. I personally have nothing against 2 handed. Bowl what ever way gets you the best results.

    5. @Stephen Levine I dislike how simple it is for them to get the same amount of revs I do when I crank the ball, it is kinda frustrating… it’s always way easier to be accurate where you lay the ball down and the line.

  2. I’ve heard that Jason can be a jerk on and off the lanes. Maybe he’s chilled out now, but I remember many shows how arrogant and cocky he was. I’m not a two hander, but I could care less how someone else throws the ball.

    1. He’s actually been uploading vlogs recently on his YouTube channel, I think you’d be surprised.

  3. There is no incorrect way to knock down all 10 pins. Arguments from tradition are considered a fallacy for a reason.

  4. It’s a sport, if you don’t like who’s beating you, get better. That’s the way of the game.

  5. The only reason you call it a travesty to the sport is because you can’t beat it—and that’s coming from a 1 handed bowler

  6. I’m so glad someone made this. I understand preferring things how they were when you were younger, and I even like Jason Couch a lot. But that quote was as uninsightful as any I have ever heard about anything on any topic, ever.

  7. If your old school you won’t have grips or interchangeable thumb. You will only have 1 finger hole and your ball will be made of wood or rubber.

  8. I didn’t like it at first, ill admit it. But, it’s getting more people bowling. If it works for you,do it.

  9. Why do inferior form, when you can do superior form. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the W.

  10. 2 handed bowling has been around a lot longer than belmo has, it only became a problem when belmo became the goat

  11. Two handed bowling and ball technology made bowling so much easier. It’s time to increase the weight of the pins.

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