Jake Peters finishes 2022 USBC Team USA Trials with 300 game

Jake Peters had a great week at the 2022 USBC Team USA Trials, topping the standings on two of the five days at the Gold Coast Bowling Center.

He closed the 30-game event with 12 consecutive strikes! The perfect game landed him in seventh place in the overall standings, and he'll now wait to see if he'll be selected for Team USA. Congrats again, Jake. What an awesome finish!

For more information on Team USA Trials, visit BOWL.com/TeamUSATrials.

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22 Comments on “Jake Peters finishes 2022 USBC Team USA Trials with 300 game”

    1. @844spyder So what’s up when do you want to bowl buddy lol? We can settle it on the lanes with the same conditions these guys have

    2. @844spyder Nah I bowl with Mitch Beasley and his wife a lot so I don’t like to take easy house shots like guys like you. If you scared to put your skills to the test then say so, otherwise stop trying to be something you not…

    3. @844spyder Lol sport shots are easy smh, any real bowler knows that, kids bowl sport shot all the time, adults bowl more professional patterns without any hook potential. That’s what makes great bowlers. If you want to bowl on a sport pattern then be my guess, I’ll gladly come to your alley and embarrass you in front of your students. Lmk where to go

  1. Jake Peters went to Earl Anthony Dublin bowl one time I bowled against him I beat him not by much but he was fun to be with

  2. With everything Jake has been through recently it’s a true pleasure to see him honoring his wife’s request to take his game to the next level. I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of jake in the coming years. He’s one of the good ones an to see the bowling family rally around him is inspiring. I also just lost my wife and feel his pain everyday. I know she would want me to do the same to bury myself back into bowling and work at it again. So that’s exactly what i’m going to do for her. I love you Melissa until we meet again.

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