Jason “Belmo” Belmonte Gets Second 300 Of The Day At The 2020 PBA World Championships

Jason Belmonte finishes off his second 300 game in the cashers round of the 2020 PBA World Championship.


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27 Comments on “Jason “Belmo” Belmonte Gets Second 300 Of The Day At The 2020 PBA World Championships”

  1. “Hey!! I bowled a 300, I didn’t get a hug!!”

    Bill, you are so genuine and a great bowler as well! Love it.

    1. A 900 series requires blocked lanes, a very good bowler, and consistently amazing pin carry. A guy in my bowling center has that 900 series. About 205 average, not even one of the top 100 bowlers in my center where there are plenty of 220 to 235 average bowlers. But none of them has a 900. One night, he just stepped up, and it was magic. Did he hit the pocket 36 times? Yes he did. But not ONE ring 10, flat 10, stone 8 or 9? The 900 means you bowled damn well, but the pin action gods were smiling down big time. BTW, who is Blemo? lol

    1. Kyle has a 7-spare and then 8 straight strikes. 3 in the tenth frame would give him a 290. Not exactly struggling either. I’m guessing the lanes were relatively blocked.

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