Jason Belmonte converts back-to-back massive splits

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Jason Belmonte converts two nearly impossible splits on ESPN while on his way to winning back-to-back USBC Masters titles.

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49 Comments on “Jason Belmonte converts back-to-back massive splits”

  1. Amazing, I don’t have enough revolutions on the ball to leave the 347910, but that also means I don’t have enough revs to cover that mess either. 

  2. That second split was one of the greatest split conversions I’ve ever seen, other than that big 4 conversion by Walter Ray Williams Jr.

    1. I’d say the 2nd one was a tad easier. If you pick up the right side, your chances of the 3 pin taking out the 4-7 is pretty decent. The cluster on the right is a combo a pro throwing Revs like that will master converting as that leave pops up a fair amount when you go high. Not to diminish the feat, I’d say they’re probably similar in difficulty, but nowhere as amazing as a big 4 or 2-8-10.

    2. That’s not a tough split…If you hit it in the right spot, it converts every time.

    1. Omfg I thought mine was bad. But mines really only recognized in the shoulders. That dudes straight jacked in only one arm!

    1. Great pickup! Congratulations. Hey, I’ve seen 5 pin misses many times in league play. It happens for sure.

    2. @Roy Williamson In my daughter’s Jr league, in your first roll and left the 5 pin, you had to give 5 push-ups. If you miss it in your 2nd shot, you had to drop and do 10.
      I day she missed the 5 twice, and she gave 10 push-ups

    1. @WitheredForce4 Technically 2345678910 isn’t either, would have ot be like 23457810 or something if you managed to hit the 169, I’ve hit the 2345678910 (machine didn’t lay a 1 pin and I didn’t both reracking) I had like 6 in a row at a tournament and had the machine not place a 5 pin, team only told me after the ball was out of my hand, it struck, but the frame didn’t count from the missing pin and had to rerack, another great ball but left a 10 pin… rip

  3. That first split I converted lots of times, the second one, never. And Ciminelli displayed great sportsmanship when he picked it up.

  4. What’s even more amazing than the back-to-back conversions is the fact that you can slice through that rack of ten pins and only take out four.

    1. That break happened to me ONCE in more than 20 years. Made a loud “pop” sound on impact, looked like that line of four pins jumped straight up, and I couldn’t even tell which way the ball had gone.

    2. Your comments are great!!

      As was pretty much said, how can a 15 or 16 pound ball going roughly 18 mph hit the head pin and only take out 4 pins?


  5. What’s also amazing on the conversion of the second split, the 4 came off the wall to take out the 7, but if it hadn’t, the 9 sliding straight over would have.

  6. No one should praise themselves. We live in a ME ME ME I I I generation . Don Carter, Carmen Salvino would never act like this.

  7. Big deal, let’s see him do it bowling candlepins. By the way those are very common leaves in candlepin bowling.

  8. Neither one of those splits were that tough, the 2nd one looks ugly but takes pretty much the same shot as a 3-10 Murphy. And making the 1st one didn’t amount to much when he only scored 4 pins on the next ball. Making the split in the clutch pays off when you get your shot back together and score a strike on the next ball. If you just continue to struggle and miss the pocket with your wild hook then making the split was just a fun little side show. Ask me how I know.

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