Jason Belmonte Converts His First-Ever 7-10 Split ON HIS BIRTHDAY

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What's better than converting a pocket 7-10? Converting a pocket 7-10 on your birthday & having it be your 1st ever! Congrats, Belmo!


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49 Comments on “Jason Belmonte Converts His First-Ever 7-10 Split ON HIS BIRTHDAY”

  1. I’m not sure that his birthday when Belmo pick up the 7-10 cause the video was uploaded on January 25, 2019 and Jason’s Birthday was on July 29, 2019 (which it was few days ago). Great 7-10 Conversion, btw.

    1. The probabilities are very low but if I do remember, hole in ones are common among professionals that it is bowling professionals so I guess.

    1. He hit it at the right angle with the right amount of speed. That’s the key to getting high scores in bowling.

    1. If it’s in a serious match (say a world title match) then I’d defs rather the strike (unless I am in an un-lose able position) But if it was in a muck around game, then defs the 7-10.

    1. Yea now that I think about it you do have to be able to throw the ball very hard to get the pin to bounce of the back curtain

    2. Jason rolls 2 handed on spares unlike Osku so his spare shots are a tad bit slower than 1 handers, that makes the 7-10 a bit harder to convert on his part.

  2. Youtube is so annoying. I can’t see the replay slow mo due to the suggested video at the end. Brilliant Youtube morons!

    1. I can see the slo mo without problem. The logo’s for me is in the bottom and doesn’t interfere. Where are they for you?

  3. I never made the 7-10, but what I did do once when I left the Greek Church is pick the 10 clean, it bounced out of the pit and took out the 7, and left the other 3 standing. LOL

    1. Pro bowlers convert a 7-10 split less then 1% of the time. Plus he strikes over 60% of the time.

  4. I’ve seen a few of these 7-10 makes and it seems it is best to hit the 7 or 10 on the inside and hope for a bounce off the wall rather than trying to just barely nick it on the outside and hope it scoots over.

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