Jason Belmonte Fires 300 Game In Final Match Play Round At 2021 Kia PBA Tournament Of Champions

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Watch the final three shots as Jason Belmonte shoots a 300 game in the final round of match play at the 2021 Kia PBA Tournament of Champions.


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22 Comments on “Jason Belmonte Fires 300 Game In Final Match Play Round At 2021 Kia PBA Tournament Of Champions”

    1. @Gavin Courtney dude tell your dad congratulations on 14 major titles, and 26 pba titles….. oh wait your dad isnt a pro bowling on pba patterns. If belmo was on house shot where he has a 5 board mis area like house shot give ppl he be at a few thousand 300 games🤷‍♂️

  1. Fires 300 game – no claps – no salutes. Goes to show you the state of bowling today. In my times, you had the first 9, the entire league or tournament would stop to cheer your last 3 shots. Amazing how things have changed from the great 70s and 80s to now.

    1. @slick s Not really a fan of it being a traditionalist but it is part of the game today. What I don’t like is juniors all wanting to throw that way because they see many doing it but are not being taught fundamentals and spare shooting. Two handed also takes very fine touch plus accuracy and you can be more accurate throwing one hand. In fact, most use two handed to generate more power but then they are all throwing urethane so that to me doesn’t make much sense. When you need accuracy, you need a game like Francois Lavoie. Also one handed gives you a better chance of doing well in your senior years because you will start to develop back problems and by then two handed will not work well. Walter Ray has thrown two handed but it is very slow and not much on the ball. He is 60 years old. The reason he might score is because those are senior conditions which have less oil than the regular tour. Remember two handed is still fairly new so we have not seen these bowlers shooting senior or super senior ages. Belmo or Osku are basically the oldest of the players doing this but they are still in their 30s or early 40s so latter ages have not been proven yet. If I were a coach, I would teach one hand. It is more accurate for when the tough tournaments come. Again, Lavoie is a perfect example that you can conquer conditions out there without having to rev the hell out of the ball. He’s got the perfect game – and he’s showing it too! But in the end it is what you are more comfortable with and if you can score that way on most conditions and surfaces.

  2. Did you know? Two-handed bowling has been popularized in recent years by Professional Bowlers Association star Jason Belmonte. The native of Australia began bowling with two hands, when he was less than 2 years old, because the ball was too heavy for him to lift, so he simply rolled it down the lane.. No less than a child genius, a round ball savant.. There are some who cry foul, claiming the two-handed approach is cheating or illegal. The United States Bowling Congress (USBC), the sport’s national governing body, studied this issue early on and determined there are no rules violations using the two-handed approach.. Now I have been schooled..

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