Jason Belmonte Has the Front Nine Against Sean Rash in 2022 Tournament of Champions Match Play

During the final round of match play in the 2022 Kia PBA Tournament of Champions, Jason Belmonte has the first nine strikes against Sean Rash. Here's Belmonte's 10th frame.

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28 Comments on “Jason Belmonte Has the Front Nine Against Sean Rash in 2022 Tournament of Champions Match Play”

  1. It’s not that Belmo bowled a 300. A bowler of his caliber can do that on any game. It’s the fact that he bowled it on the same pair as Rash, and Rash probably felt pressured to bump fists or make some token gesture of appreciation and congratulation, when what Rash really wants to do is to trip Belmo so he would break his ankle, lol

    1. 오케이! 숀레쉬는 벨몬트를 꺽고 날아올라야 하는데 안타까워요 들다 좋아하는 선수들인데 ^^~*

  2. Niiiice, I’d like to pay for flo bowling but if all I get is choppy video I think I‘ll pass, it’s too expensive for this level of quality imo

    1. the main stream is typically worse quality because its restreaming other streams of individual pairs. the quality of the individual pairs is perfectly fine in my experience

    1. So if he shoots 300 against anyone else he doesn’t get your “absolute darndest RESPECT”? I’m sure he stepped his game up simply because he was going against Rash. Jesus Christ bowling is a joke.

  3. Then to follow it up with 211, 192, 166, and 198 to finish in 10th.
    That’s gotta be beyond frustrating. I mean, he’s known for making those runs in the last block and he was well on his way.
    This isn’t to bash him at all; he’s obviously the best on tour right now but it can happen to anyone. I can only guess he might’ve been a little tired following the high of an overwhelming win in such an important match against a rival ahead of him in the standings. He probably also caught some rough pairs, got bad hits, and unlucky breaks for those subsequent sub-200.
    It’s just crummy and disappointing for anyone to follow up a 300 against a rival, to launch them around the number for the show, then to follow it up with such sub-par scores while their rival (Rash) makes the 3 seed in the show.

  4. Sean has a record of two 300 on TV, and I think he set a new record again, losing a match twice against a player who made perfect game. Lavioe and Belmo

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