Jason Belmonte Throws A Backup Ball

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Jason Belmonte going Brooklyn with a backup ball.


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10 Comments on “Jason Belmonte Throws A Backup Ball”

    1. ivan silva he isn’t. Simo is definitely going to surpass Belmo look at how many titles he has already…

    2. @John Day
      Belmo joined the PBA in 2008 and has earned 13 majors in less than 12 years. That’s approx. 1.1 major per year.
      Simo joined the PBA in 2013 and has earned 2 majors in 7 years. That’s approx. 0.3 majors per year.
      Simo is good but Belmo is a monster.

    1. hotmojoe. You do realize that Kyle troupe and Anthony simonson can do that as well right, simonson has won a tournament doing that

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