Jason Belmonte Tries to Bowl as Many Strikes as He Can in 90 Seconds

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PBA Tour champion Jason Belmonte tries to throw the most strikes in 90 seconds during the PBA League Challenge skills competition during the PBA Viper Championship presented by PBA Bowling Challenge on ESPN.

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78 Comments on “Jason Belmonte Tries to Bowl as Many Strikes as He Can in 90 Seconds”

  1. This is 1 of those situations whoever set this up failed.
    Each lane should have been set to 1 ball throw only (basically set to the 2nd throw).

    This way, the lane would recycle pins faster even if they didn’t strike.

    I agree with Belmonte, the last shoot not counting was crap.
    Even if the ball was in his hands, it should have counted since the lane wasn’t even ready and he still got it since he already started his approach to throw it before time ran out.

    1. @The Fuzzy Pickle no because in regular bowling you keep score of everything, were talking bout strikes only.

    2. Ya maybe have 3 lanes set for one ball so he could just bounce from lane to lane to lane and 1st lane would be reset and ball in return ready to go and so on

  2. Definitely should have counted the last strike, stupid referees. He deliberately slowed the ball and timed it perfect, genius.

    1. @Woz Berry The machine did no such thing. The fact that he chose to bowl on the same lane twice in a row was why he had to wait. Pin setters are not instantaneous. Absolutely NOTHING went wrong with either lane. And it was the same for all players.

    2. It wasn’t in 90 seconds. Genius has nothing to do with it. Otherwise, the success will be subjective to who’s scoring it.

  3. Man what a good sport, and also what a great mind. He didn’t wait for the machine to be ready, instead he slowed the ball down and took the shot anyways, timing it PERFECTLY JUST AS THE arm raised. What an incredible shot. He also, although he contested the ruling, took the decision very well. What an athlete!

    1. More like he got lucky. He didn’t time anything perfectly. That is why it didn’t count because the clock had run out before he threw it.

    2. well there are plenty of other bowlers that are just as good but i give him lost of credit. you probably should have seen all the other ones

    3. He is one of the worst sports in all of sports. Purposely crinkling a water bottle on his opponent’s backswing.

    1. @WitheredForce4 Brunswick is so lame for calling the GSX the “best pinsetter ever made”. Seems even slower than the A2 to me. But even so, the GSX is more programmable and they could’ve shortened the cycles so that it gives a new set ASAP and clearly they weren’t set up for that

    2. @ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions the A2 at full speed is crazy fast, almost too fast imo. The GSX is ok at speed. If they had A2s with a new pin solenoid kit installed it would definitely be faster. Hell, if they had the overtravel mechanism installed it would be crazy fast.

    3. No…they worked exactly how they are designed to. He should have hit the reset button on the right lane before throwing the last strike that counted.

    1. Wii bowling is easy there’s a way to get a strike every time and you don’t have to wait for the machine

    1. i dont know. i am watching this becuase i am subscribed to pba bowling and i watch live bowling on tv

  4. I’m disappointed they only had two lanes. I was hoping he’d have 20 lanes already set up and he has to run along them chucking like crazy.

    1. yea, wouldve been an absolute thrill to watch him race down 20 lanes trying to get every pin. however, think thats to “radical” for the pba and its aging crowd (the stands give a hilariously vivid image of the dying sport)

    2. @fezzes Oh wow, you’re right. The crowd looks like they just walked across the street from The Price is Right.

  5. This is so lame. Why do they keep counting time while it takes ages to reload the pins? At least have more lanes.

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