Jesper Svensson Bowling Release (So Sick) #shorts Edition

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This is the #shorts version of Jesper Svensson Bowling Game for you to watch on your phone on a full vertical view.

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Jesper Svensson has the most unorthodox two-handed bowling techniques, yet he is super effective. Check out his crazy strikes with messengers and pin reactions every bowler kills for.

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6 Comments on “Jesper Svensson Bowling Release (So Sick) #shorts Edition”

    1. As soon as this crazy and unfortunate outbreak ends and it’s safe to do so. Really looking forward to the next one, believe me!

  1. Too bad he doesn’t know how to do a flush 10 back. All these left straight urethane shuffle mixers are ruining the game.

    1. Hitting flush isn’t the only way to carry, some houses carry better on lighter hits, some don’t. And it’s not “ruining the game”, it’s ruined YOUR perception of the game, there’s no wrong way, ruining the game would be trying to make everyone a clone and throw the ball the same way, try telling Mark Roth or Marshall Hollman or Pete Weber that they couldn’t throw the ball the way they wanted to, you’d be swallowing your teeth

  2. John Gant & Steve Cook were Tearing the Coverstock off of Old Urethane& plastic balls with Pancake weight Blocks!!!

    1. You’re also talking about two guys, who were very good and Steve Cook was my favorite lefty, who were power player 40 years ago, the technology has significantly changed and with it, the game itself

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