Jimmie Allen PBA Challenge Celebrity Super Clash | Full, Uncut Clash

The full, uncut Celebrity Super Clash from the Jimmie Allen PBA Challenge. Some of the Clash had to be edited for time to air on FOX. This is the full version with all rounds included.

Part of the 2022 PBA Tour on YouTube presented by Kia.

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24 Comments on “Jimmie Allen PBA Challenge Celebrity Super Clash | Full, Uncut Clash”

    1. Seeing the comments, people are triggered because of Bella, them not using their thumbs to bowl, and celebrities enjoying to bowl in their own event lol

    2. @Tortoise Night anyone taking a “Celebrity” event seriously needs to seriously reevaluate their lives…

      I’m a traditionalist through and through and two-handed ain’t exactly my cup of tea, but the event is a good way to get bowling on network T.V. during the Tour “off season” and helped put some personality out there.

  1. Something about this celebrity bowling challenge I like better than Chris Paul’s for some reason…made me smile and laugh a little more and made it more enjoyable…looking forward to the next one!! Great showJimmie!!!!

  2. Nice job, Bella! Nelly, you could probably claim that chair as yours after spending so much time in it….squatter’s rights, or something. Lol Way to hang tough though. Fun stuff, folks.

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