39 Comments on “Junior Gold U12 Championship 07 25 2017 (HD)”

  1. lol the intro is funny. nobody bowls for fame or money. there’s none of that involved. maybe a little bit of money if you can tear the pba apart for a year or two like Belmo

  2. “We don’t do it for the money”- Boi if you could earn money as a kid doing bowling I’m quitting school

  3. Brandon bowls at the same bowling alley I do and it’s crazy to see how far he’s come since this

    edit – Parker and his wife Leslie have actually helped me bowl and they’re such great coaches and give very good advice! luckily they’re really great friends with my mom lmao

    1. Never take ’em seriously when they say “we don’t do it for the fame and/or money”

  4. Guys! A lot of people are saying, “I’m ten, 11, 12 and I have made a perfect game.” Alright you made a perfect game but remember the oil pattern, it’s way different and there line up might be different, and now they have to change the line up for more oil. I bowl competitively, and it’s hard the way the oil patterns are.

    1. These kids are alot better than I was at their age I’m a decent bowler now but at there age I was terrible I too have a 300 game but it didn’t happen until I was 26

    2. @RC RACER 88 I still don’t have a 300 game but I have a 200 average. Like I could literally buy my pba card and bowl pro without ever bowling a perfect game. Its likely cause the few houses i bowl in are tough and I always leave a 9 or 10 pin when I’m close. Like 289 several times lol

  5. Lmao everyone bullying these kids wtf did anyone ask no? My high sxore is 226 and I’ve been bowling 5 years and I’m 14 so yano they have pressure on them and it’s down to the oil on the lanes it’s not just throwing a ball down a lane lol stupid kids on here

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