49 Comments on “Junior Gold U12 Team Championship 08 15 2017 (HD)”

    1. Funny story when I was 13 I was with my grandpa at a hotel and this old lady walks up and asked me what I want to do I say play in the NBA she goes ur white and short and it was that day I gave up.

  1. someone isn’t teaching these kids correctly. Some have good form. That one girl spins the ball like a top, doesn’t roll it at all.

    1. i dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my friends Facebook password by using SicZine. You can find it by Googling for SicZine account hacker xD

  2. “Definitely not what she wanted to happen”
    *Drops ball the same way*
    “Oh , well she did it again”

    I lost it 🤣🤣

  3. These are kids. Probably one of the biggest events in their lifes so far. They are of course completely nervous and tense.

    1. Agreed. I bowled a tournament when i was 12 first time in front of a crowd and it was the most terrifying thing id ever done to that point in my life. These kids handled it brilliantly.

    1. @Motocross Is Life shut up, bowling isn’t a freaking sport and neither is motocross. Yeah sure they’re both fun to do but they’re not sports at all

    2. @Trio Trick Shots thats like saying basketball isn’t a sport because “its fun or just a game.” Google if both of them are sports its pretty clear that their sports. Do your research.

    3. Both of you are stupid Motocross and bowling are sports they are just thought of as more of a recreational sport

    4. @Thomas Setear the skills used in bowling are overwhelmingly mental, much like the game of chess, which is is decidedly not a sport. Since bowling’s skill set is overwhelmingly mental, rather than physical, it should be considered a fun activity for all ages but not a sport. or a recreational activity, some people call it a sport because of thousands of leagues and competitions professionally and worldwide but it still isn’t physical as much as it is mental.

  4. Everyone saying that these kids suck. Every time I go bowling their kids trying to bowl and they are never accurate and when they get a strike it is always a fluke for most of them.
    Probably normal kids even teenagers use bumpers just so they get no gutter balls. These kids are like 10x better than the ones I see at bowling.

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