36 Comments on “Junior Gold U15 Team Championship 08 22 2017 (HD)”

  1. I don’t understand why, in team bowling, the bowlers are always forced to stand so that the spectators can’t see.,

  2. 99% of comments, people claiming to be better than these kids,people saying ridiculous scores and averages that they’ve never had,people arguing about rules (spitting on shoes to alter the approach),little kids shaming one another,and adults acting just as bad as the kids saying they could do better. How about you all humble yourselves and realise that there’s always going to be someone better than you at something. Get over it. If you want to be the best then put in the work.

    1. I agree because I train very hard to be like these kids and I’m almost at that point, I bowled this tournament a few months ago but didn’t make the show, but yes people do have to realize that some people are better at other things, even me a kid is mature enough to understand that, but the fact that adults are saying this stuff is messed up. My friends are better at baseball or baskaetball than I am, but I know that I’m better at bowling so I can balance it.

    2. DeanBooster I met spencer earlier this morning at a tournament and he was really nice and he had improved and is on team USA!

  3. Man I really enjoy watching kids at any age especially these little kids it’s fun to watch these kids learn how to hook a bowling ball at such a real young age and when they learn how to hook a bowling ball teenagers or not they will be dangerous out there on the lanes when they grow big and strong and growth spurts go with it each day they grow I ganrutee you if they keep practicing stay positive and not give up.

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