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  1. I know Allie and she is the sweetest, most humble young lady. Went to her ‘watch party’ last night. She bowls in Junior Tournament Bowlers Assn. (JTBA) with my son here in Ohio.

  2. Hooper looked defeated from the first frame of game one.  He obviously has a ton of talent, so maybe he needs to work on his mental game.

    1. iamartimus

      Definitely not the case. However he was screwed from the get go. He needed to make ball changes but couldn’t. His ITs broke in two of his main bowling balls through the week land he couldn’t get them fixed

  3. Leiendecker is an amazing prospect, this girl is going to special one day. Loved seeing her dad’s react at 32:20

    1. Allie is such a nice girl. I have only been bowling with her for a couple of years, but it feels like I have known her forever

    2. @Kyle Dunne I know! Allie is a beast, (said with love) and Abbie is a little beast! Al has done a wonderful job of coaching his girls for sure! BTW my son won his first regional PBA title at the last regional in Michigan.

    3. @Linda Ardo yeah he’s great. Amazing styles from both of them. But oh congrats on that. What’s his name?

  4. Hooper looks bored. Kids face pisses me off. You’re in the finals of JG and on national TV bowling. Wake up.

    1. Jizzy K. I mean, sure. Be fiery like PDW, but it’s gonna let them lose focus. I have emotion issues in lane and choked some important shots. So my coach teaches me to take my time and calm down.

    1. It’s gotta be pretty stressful and upsetting when you aren’t doing your best on national television and you’re surrounded by cameras, lights, and distracting people.

  5. I feel like Hooper was throwing it too hard during his matches. He’s got a good amount of hand on it, but I think he needed to get a little softer so his ball wouldn’t skate so far down lane. Just an observation

  6. Just for fun…try to count how many times Allie checks how her hair looks in the lane side monitor! lol!

    1. I agree. Girls seem to be more fun to watch when it comes to tournaments because the look of all the boys faces when they see them doing amazing is priceless 😂

  7. Why is their so much hate in the comments. These girls/boys are just trying to bowl. THE BALANCE HOLE IS NOT ILLEGAL UNTIL 2020.

  8. I think it’s funny how Hooper looks 12 and 32 at the same time. His glasses, face, and haircut make him look like a 6th grader, but his earrings and facial hair makes him look like he’s going through a midlife crisis

  9. Hooper had a huge choke I only been Playing for 4 months and I never had this problem on hitting the right spot, But that could just be the Oil Pattern or his emotional state is, he might now show it but he still can feel in it in the inside, but all I can say he got robbed and should look forward :D(No hate towards Hooper he just couldn’t be Consistent I guess)

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