Kris Prather Bowling Release in Slow Motion (PBA WSOB XI Edition)

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This is the shark Kris Prather at the PBA World Series of Bowling XI (2020). These are a couple of his shots on the match play qualifier of the PBA WSOB World Championship 2020.

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Kris Prather is relatively new to the PBA Tour as he joined the tour in 2014 but made his PBA TV debut in 2019.

Prather has 3 PBA Tour titles including 1 major, the 2020 – PBA Tournament of Champions, and other national awards. He has earned, to date, over $440,000 at the PBA Tour alone. Kris bowls for Roto Grip Bowling.

Kris Prather has 6 PBA Career Perfect 300 Games so far.

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16 Comments on “Kris Prather Bowling Release in Slow Motion (PBA WSOB XI Edition)”

  1. Too bad hes retired or id suggest Mike Fagan. Marshall kent has a picture perfect game so maybe him? Great videos as always!

    1. Marshall Kent’s physical game is probably second to none. But on TV, at crunch time, he tends to make mistakes at just the wrong time to lose. Prather, on the other hand, has just been a cold, cold killer when it’s the TV finals and a big paycheck is in sight. He doesn’t have the highest ball speed or rev rate, but his touch and control is probably best on tour right now. I’ve seen lots of top guys including Belmo, Simo, Jakob Butturff, and Kyle Troupe struggle on some patterns while Prather just cruises and makes it look easy.

  2. Kris Prather is my favorite pro. His release is incredibly smooth, and he could be the best one handed bowler on tour right now.

    1. He is the best bowler on tour he has the best physical game of anyone out there and he will soon dominate and break all records and before you know it we will all be saying belmo who

    2. @ray farr I’d love to see it! I don’t mind Belmo, I do think that Kris is easily the rising star of the PBA.

  3. I just love how kris Prather throws the bowling ball it’s so amazing he’s my favorite bowler and Jason Belmonte as well

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