Kyle Troup Gets Insanely Deep At The 2019 US Open

Have you ever seen anyone get as deep as Kyle Troup did at the 2019 US Open?


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9 Comments on “Kyle Troup Gets Insanely Deep At The 2019 US Open”

  1. Two things I Always think about when I see players get that deep. 1: how do you simply line up for that consistently because that’s wild 2: wouldn’t a nice and easy angle be easier than trying going that deep lol. Just fascinating stuff.

  2. I always thought there’s some rule that you have to start your approach on your own lane…

    Don’t know where I got that from but it seems that I’ve been mistaken

  3. His drift is to the right and not to the left. Like most players. Soo he is standing as far right as ive ever seen.. But not bowling the deepest ever..

  4. Kyle is a nice kid but this playing on the other lane is stupid. You can adjust a more straighter shot with different equipment on your own approach. Goes to show you that today’s game is not about accuracy but rather to see who throws it the hardest.

    1. You do realize that 90+% of that field, who are the best of the best mind you, where playing those types of angles because it presented the best possible chance of score right? Furthermore more playing that deep takes more finesse and accuracy versus strength, which as also been confirmed by anyone who plays there including the best in the world🤦🏾‍♂️

    2. @TrendSettaRico No I disagree. Have you ever seen the real greats like Earl Anthony, Mark Roth, Mike Aulby, Norm Duke etc doing this? OF course not. You CAN score. There is NO way you can be 1 board accurate by standing on the other lane throwing it two handed, lofting it 50 feet in the air over the ball return. This is why bowling has lost 50% of league participation and the PBA is a total joke.

    3. @J F  did mark roth or earl anthony had this type of power or reactive bowling balls back in their day? even wrwj and norm were lofting it 1 handed and they dont even have half the power of the two handers, try bowling on oil patterns like this and you’ll see for yourself. no one will ever whip out a plastic ball out for this kinda oil pattern, no matter how dry it is, because you run an extremely high chance of going 7-10 or 5-7-10, and urethane will cause wet dry reactions on such conditions, your comments just show how uneducated you are LOL

    4. @leviikrunker I’ll just bowl two handed then and loft it 20 feet in the air – juniors are all doing it so will I and if I win, then give me the deodorant bar trophy and my $230 dollar check so I can use it for the next tour event. You have no clue who you are talking to. I was one of the highest averages in a county and won regional tournaments in the era of urethane and when the first reactives came out (the X Calibur and Green Storm)……and I won a tournament with a 300 game under reverse pattern (10 to outside full oil all the way down) in which the next block the PBA regional guys could not hit.

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