Kyle Troup: Winning 2021 PBA Playoffs ‘A Dream Come True’

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Kyle Troup talks about overcoming the tricky transition to win $100,000 and a WWE belt at the 2021 Kia PBA Playoffs.


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9 Comments on “Kyle Troup: Winning 2021 PBA Playoffs ‘A Dream Come True’”

  1. Wow thanks for the huge spoiler straight to my phones notification bar . There goes that. So frustrated I am this close to unsubscribing.

    1. Follow the channel “bowling planet”. I’ve found they are the best at uploading the telecast. Keep notifications on for their channel and stay off YouTube until they post (usually a couple hours after completion). Spoilers will happen regardless, hope this at least helps.

  2. Happy Sam got the 10k bonus still did a great job and got 60k total. And Kyle breaking the annual total record quite amazing player of the year 2021.

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