Last three strikes of Earon Vollmar 900 series

Earon Vollmar of Toledo, Ohio, became the 25th bowler in history to roll three consecutive 300 games for a 900 series. The feat happened at New Glass Bowl Lanes on Jan. 19, 2015.

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34 Comments on “Last three strikes of Earon Vollmar 900 series”

  1. Awesome…I was excited when I rolled 33 out of 36 as strikes, for an 834 series…can’t imagine getting all 36, but I was pretty spent that night!

  2. Looking for my 1st 300. 25yrs of bowling still looking for my 1st one. Congratulations on the 900 series

    1. Heinz Lewanczik , my last game was my hi. I think it was 247. Before that I’d only had 1 200 game. I’ve bowled in a league starting in 1963 or 64. This was a Saturday morning league. Started in elementary school and quit after my sophomore year.

    2. @Rodney Davenport i have bowled in leauges since I was 13 i have 1 perfect game but am very inconsistent i can shoot a 250 or a 150 that inconsistent

    3. I threw a 299 in a high school match once I still wish I would of thrown the last strike I think it would have been a very memorable first 300 game but I’ve thrown 9 since then, can’t imagine what it would be like to shoot 900 tho haha

  3. Congratulations!  (I have been a bowling enthusiast since a young boy and have my fair share of honor scores).

  4. Awesome, just awesome Earon.  

    I’ve only been bowling for a year and a half . Just started when I retired at 64.  I currently bowl on 2 senior leagues, sub on another one and am in another young buck , heavy hitter league on Fri nite. I love  this game and I hate it other times because  it can be so frustrating.
      You negative fellows are so depressing. You have certainly contributed to ruining this sport if you think it’s ruined.   I used to race motocross and the older I get, the faster I was.
      I  and no body I know  bad mouths the sport of MX and their fastest riders because the bike mfgrs make them better and faster than they used to be.
    I don’t hear Arnold Palmer crying that  they ruined the sport of golf because the clubs and balls are better today. I don’t hear old tennis players wining about the racquets are better today or any other sport for that matter.  I doubt Thomas Edison would bad mouth modern lighting either.
      You winers are depressing, I say again.  Why don’t you start  a vintage plastic or rubber bowling ball league.   If bowling is not enough of a challege for you to have fun,  make money at it, I and probably many others  would bet  $100  to your $20 that you can not bowl a 300 game.
      If strikes are too easy for you, have the center just set up splits for you to pick off. 
    Set up the 1-3-6 line  and just pick off the 3 pin with out touching the 1 or 6. The P League girls can do it, but they cheat because they use reactiveballs.

    Congratulations Earon, I’d love to buy you a beer!

    I gotta take the doogs for a walk

    1. @Michael Fisher Jack Nicklaus said that the clubs are much better at driving for length and making he scores and game easier. HE doesn,t like it. Any time you have better equipment/newer,etc, you have an advantage over otherswho do not. I don;,t think you ruin a sport, but it is NOT the same anymore. The pole vault is an example. I believe the no thumb bowling will make changes in big scoring. I am not against all this, because we all want more interesting scores. In golf, the long ball hitters have a advantage. In most sports, the strongest,fastest, biggest,smartest, have the upper hand. throughout history.It will remain. The sport may change drastically.

    1. @Dr. Complex it has happened it was a black guy…. its out there look it up…I don’t remember his name… happened maybe 4 years ago

    2. @No Bias im a very inconsistent bowler myself i average 180 to 185 I have 1 300 game in leauge but can occasionally throw 5 opens in a game and score 130

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