Last three strikes of Hakim Emmanuel 900 series

Hakim Emmanuel of Boston became the 26th bowler in history to roll three consecutive 300 games for a 900 series. The feat happened at Westgate Lanes on Feb. 20, 2015. Video courtesy of Jason Sherwood.

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40 Comments on “Last three strikes of Hakim Emmanuel 900 series”

  1. Awesome!  It’s hard enough to throw accurate shots 36 times in a row.  Even harder to keep getting the strikes without being ripped off a bunch of times by the #10 pin. Those corner pins torment everyone, even the pros.  To me, Emmanuel’s trajectory would seem especially susceptible to pocket 10’s.  I guess his power makes up for it.  Great achievement, and kudos to the guy who decided to record it!

  2. And to think that the ABC declined Glenn Allison of his 900 series way back when the lanes were not as easy.

    1. Because they are the idiots who complain that it is on a house shot, when they are the same people that will probably never shoot a 900 in their life.

    2. it’s the same phone motherfuckers that wish you bad luck on the Lanes, especially in scratch tournaments where they would sell their Grandma to win

    3. People who post dislikes have nothing better to do. I think they do it to see what kind of reactions people post.

  3. The fact that the first game was his first 300 ever makes this even more fucking incredible than it already is

    1. @Michael Sullivan You’re absolutely right. When I was going for my first 300 back in 2008, a guy a few lanes over threw a 7-10 first ball in the tenth. He looked over at me and said “let me clean this up before you throw” lmao.

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