let’s talk…

In this video, I discuss the implications of having a second copyright strike imposed on me by FOX and the PBA. Additionally, I take the time to reminisce on what got into bowling, and eventually, uploading bowling videos to YouTube. I also take the time to answer some questions posted by you subscribers!
0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Who is Bowling Planet?
0:32 – How did I get into making bowling content?
1:39 – How did I get into uploading bowling shows?
2:42 – The Nail in the Coffin
3:01 – My Thoughts
3:27 – The Future of Bowling Planet
4:08 – Q&A/Reading Your Comments
10:03 – Closing Thoughts
10:28 – Outro

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43 Comments on “let’s talk…”

  1. I went on the channel today to watch the new tournaments and realized they finally got you 😢 all us bowling fans appreciate all you have done to bring us bowling content.

    1. So that IS what happened then?!!!!! I had just finished watching the US open finals and then all of a sudden I noticed the other bowling video I wanted to watch (of the elite league teams) was gone! And so was the video of the us open I had JUST WATCHED! And then also I clicked on the “latest” video icon and it was showing videos from 6 months ago and up and I was REALLY CONFUSED then! I thought it was ME 😂 and that I needed to try restarting my phone! Damn that sucks man. What does this mean going forward?!!

    2. Bowling Planet, I 2nd what @Trooper2888 said. I love u guys, and this is a major bummer if it means what I think it does! 😢😢

  2. 9/11 for bowling fans. On a side note thank you for providing so many bowling fans with telecast that people weren’t able to watch

  3. you could make this a talk-show-esque channel where you discuss each tournament after it happens 😀

  4. Bro literally started watching the same time as me lmao😂😂

    Love all ur content dude, would love to meet you(I bowl out of PA myself)😀

  5. Loved watching all clips. Doing more work than Fox to promote bowling on your own. Thank you for all the uploads!

  6. Ayyyy, thanks for answering my question! Sucks about the copyright claim, but can’t wait to see what’s (hopefully) in store for the future of this channel!

  7. It is an honor to finally meet you my friend! Thank you for all you have done for us. Because of you I have been able to enjoy all the major tournaments to this point.
    You did the right thing even though greedy Fox and PBA don’t think so. They want bowling to reach the widest possible audience so it does not die? Then this is how you do it.
    Regardless of what happens, thank you for everything you have done.

  8. YES! I am an international viewer! I was watching bosoares and came over to your channel when he stopped. I am forever grateful to you both for the work you’ve done in bringing content to people like me who otherwise have no way to view it.

    It’s almost like the PBA are saying you can’t share their content but we’re also not going to give fans who can’t watch it on TV a way they can even PAY to see it. That’s the thing that really bugs me.

    1. @@Bowling_Planet yep, it’s a sad day. I’m from Australia so there is literally no way for me to even pay to watch telecasts. We have Foxtel here but that doesn’t carry FS1/2 which is where the bowling is. So now I have no way to watch it.

      You should host an FTP server with the telecasts on it and charge us all $5 a month or something like that for access.

  9. This was a cool video to watch even if it’s kind of sad news. Thanks for everything so far and hopefully more compilations to come at least.

  10. Thanks for all you have done for the bowling community, especially for us broke college students. I would recommend a website to stream the shows especially live if possible! Best of luck for youtube and your CS studies ❤

  11. It’s been awesome to have been here since almost the beginning, and being the same age I can definitely relate to that college grind. Hate to see that they finally got you but I’m looking forward to whatever you have planned in the future!

  12. I had a feeling that is what happened when the US Open disappeared from my watch list. Thank you for what you did. Got to watch a lot of shows I would have missed.

  13. Bowling Planet, thank you so much for all you have done for the sport and us fans! You have truly made a difference for thousands and thousands of us. Never forget that brother. Best of luck in whatever you pursue bro.

  14. Man I knew I wasnt watching the fox version earlier today. Damn, thanks for everything! Hope everything works out for u in college!

  15. Kevin, a huge thank you for taking over bosoares at a crucial stage of the sport’s growth. We all wish you massive success in college and we will gladly watch any content you decide to create down the line

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