LIVE | 2022 PBA Classic Stepladder Finals

The 2022 PBA Classic presented by Moxy's Xtra Pair stepladder finals. The top four bowlers compete in the stepladder finals to determine a champion.

From Pla-Mor Lanes in Coldwater, Ohio.

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32 Comments on “LIVE | 2022 PBA Classic Stepladder Finals”

  1. Tell me this, the bowlers are very fussy about wiping off the ball. But wipe their fingers on the bottoms of their feet. Why do this ???

  2. When someone misses headpin to right it has absolutely nothing to do with topography wood lanes are much worse than synthetics

    1. @TraumaER πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚as if trees won’t be wasted on other human everyday life stuff…okay then

  3. This old man commentor should be fired he’s horrible at his job. May god have mecery on his soul

  4. What the hell is it over at the PBA? There is 35 minutes of dead video at the start of this – do you not even bother to trim the clip before uploading it? It’s amateur day over at the PBA. Really unprofessional

    1. This was streamed live. They started early so people could click in early and have max viewers.

      Video gets automatically uploaded after the stream ends.

    2. I was there, they had a roll-off between Justin Knowles and Brent Boho because they tied. That set everything back. My son bowled this, was in top 16, let me tell you, pocket hit did not reward with a strike every time. Lots of 7-10’s, big 4’s, etc. Owners told me that the pins don’t bounce there like other houses.

  5. I was so confused when Sam Cooley didnt get a spot on one of the teams this year. He has been great for the past 2 seasons

  6. Great matches from great players, cant ask for much more, I still haven’t learned the urethane game adjustments, especially when following guys in sweepers that are spraying 180 grit balls all over the lane , also it would seem advantage left in a multi game format while crossing pairs as less carry down to fight and not fighting to get it through the fronts.

  7. Every game of the stepladder finals was very competitive right up to the final frames. Thanks, Dave LaMont, for a great job of commentary of the tournament. It’s great to be able to view these regionals on YouTube after the PBA season telecasts have finished their run.

  8. I think Coldwater is on every bowlers bucket list. The national stop, the regional the hospitaly they show to bowlers just looks unbelievable. Wish I could bowl the regional or the national tour stop one day there

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