Mark Roth Vs. Pete Weber

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28 Comments on “Mark Roth Vs. Pete Weber”

  1. You even crack your knuckles one of these two will be distracted. But you notice the bowl right through that noise the pin setters make

  2. I remember the Bowling back then in league play.. Things could go gravely wrong in a hurry..There averages for the week exemplify that. Technology with the bowling balls now made averages and 300 games sky rocket. I have 2 perfect games in 1999 then a bunch of repetitive chronic injuries I stopped bowling after 15 years..
    Always had passion for the game even today.. Best bowler ever – Earl Anthony in my opinion…

  3. I watch this and remember when he said “wrist braces are for cheaters” 🤔 a whole lotta cheat’n go’n on !

  4. Lay off on the comments. That was a polyester shirt he was wearing, not cotton. Those things heated the body up like you were in a sauna.

  5. I used to go to Florence Mall to see Pink Floyd’s The Wall.
    And Oh Yea! how about that Deal from Perkins @27:36.
    3 Pancakes, 2 eggs, a Scoop of Butter, and 2 slabs of the “Pig of your Choice” all for $1.49.

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