9 Comments on “Match Play at the 2012 USBC Masters”

  1. You guys really need to cover Chris Loschetter more. This guy is one of the best out there by far, almost shot 800 in a match today and is looking for not only his first title, but first major title as well. That guy is a beast!

  2. and to think Team USA skipped over picking Missy for the team… mistake on their part.. It sure would be interesting if she could pull off the masters and the queens (both USBC events) and not be selected for team USA…

  3. @jaksi84 I’m not a woman, Im a 17 year old guy. I just prefer watching women’s bowling more than mens (Better fundamentals, low rev rates, better accuracy). I also naturally root for the underdog, and that’s what missy was in this tournament being the only lady. So don’t go making stupid assumptions, they make you seem ignorant.

  4. @justf0fun99 Personally, I do it because it feels weird having my non-sliding foot slide during my approach. I feel it gives me more consistency on my last 2 steps in my approach. I think Fagan is doing it here because the extra traction gives him an easier time getting his ball speed up. He was playing outside a lot, and with his rev-rate, he need to loft and ramp up the speed.

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