Michael Haugen Jr. Attempts to Bowl 300 to Advance to PBA50 Title Match

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In the semifinal match of the 2021 PBA50 Johnny Petraglia BVL Open, Michael Haugen needs two strikes and one pin to defeat Chris Barnes and advance to the title match. Three strikes would be a perfect game. Here's Haugen's 10th frame.

Originally streamed live on FloBowling April 21, 2021 from Maple Lanes Countryside in Clearwater, Florida.

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32 Comments on “Michael Haugen Jr. Attempts to Bowl 300 to Advance to PBA50 Title Match”

  1. Look at the scores, idk what Barnes’ final score was but to make 1 mistake and lose by a strike has to be just aggravating. Congrats on Haugen Jr., feels like yesterday he was on the main tour!

  2. Lol Chris Barnes on the senior tour is like Mike Trout playing in a men’s league, it’s just not fair

  3. Congratulations to Michael Haugen Jr. This was just as gratifying for me to watch as it was a few years back when Dale Eagle took Chris Barnes lunch money while action bowling during the WSOB in Detroit. Shout out to Kelly Kulick.

    1. That’s a sheep mentality. Vaxxins are for people that are too scared and petrified of a stupid zippa head virus. What will the long term effects be and how many years will it take off your life? No one is asking questions like that or thinking about that?

  4. Maple Lanes is such a nice place to bowl. The staff is always nice and the younger employees are also super polite and helpful. Glad to have such a nice well ran facility in my backyard.

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