Mid 2020 PBA Season Highlights

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Many people have been asking for telecast highlights so I've decided to compile multiple shows into one BIG video! This video features thirteen of the following telecasts:
– 2020 PBA World Championship
– 2020 PBA Strike Derby
– 2020 PBA Summer Clash
– 2020 PBA Tour Finals (Group 1 Qualifying)
– 2020 PBA Tour Finals (Group 2 Qualifying)
– 2020 PBA Tour Finals (Group 2 Stepladder)
– 2020 PBA Tour Finals (Championship Match)
– 2020 PBA King of the Lanes (Show 1)
– 2020 PBA King of the Lanes (Show 2)
– 2020 PBA King of the Lanes (Show 3)
– 2020 PBA King of the Lanes (Show 4)
– 2020 PBA King of the Lanes (Show 5)
– 2020 PBA King of the Lanes (Show 6)

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0:00 – Intro
0:12 – PBA World Championship
4:30 – PBA Strike Derby
7:36 – PBA Summer Clash
13:14 – PBA Tour Finals
18:04 – PBA King of the Lanes

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27 Comments on “Mid 2020 PBA Season Highlights”

  1. Hello bowling planet. Second. I hope you are having a happy August. And a really good thumbnail also congrats for 8.45k subscribers. Your are the best. Stay safe!😍🥰😍

    1. @Gabriel D look up the video of jakob’s 300 the PBA Uploaded, theres a timestamp in the comments

  2. This will go down in the history as one of the longest videos you posted, but also one of the best

  3. I love how the dialogue from Kimberly to Jason is the exact same to when you ask one of your friends to see if your crush likes you, and they come back saying she does

  4. they were playing the letterkenny skids edm music in the background during the tour finals lmao

    1. Randy right after said, “Listen, you’re going to have find somebody else to finish this show I’m outta here” LMAO

  5. Man these videos are just the greatest, I literally just never get tired of watching them
    Keep up the great work Bowling Planet

  6. Man you know Pete Weber really respects you when he calls you “The Man to beat.” I remember my Dad was always talking about how Pete Weber,Mark Roth,and Earl Anthony were always the Men to beat but it’s crazy to hear praise like that from Pete

    1. He’d probably say the same to Belmo. Actually, maybe not. Probably isn’t fond of someone doing so much more than he did in a much shorter time.

      Just saw what he said, he’s definitely not happy that Belmo has done so much more than him, LMFAO.

  7. Weber V Prather and Duke V WRW were some of my personal favorite matchups this entire year. Sick to see and what huge games!

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