MIKE FAGAN: Wicked sick loft and angle at PBA World Series of Bowling

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Mike Fagan employs huge loft to attack the WSOB Shark Pattern. Fagan finished 15th to qualify for the GEICO Shark Championship match play finals scheduled to take place at South Point in Las Vegas November 3, 2010. For more visit pba.com today.

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32 Comments on “MIKE FAGAN: Wicked sick loft and angle at PBA World Series of Bowling”

  1. from bowling on this myself, i know that this pattern breaks down very quickly. with 4-6 people per pair, lofting is almost a guaranteed

    1. @Backyard Basketball boyz that’s awesome bro hope you make it in the bowling world!! 😎(if that’s ur dream)

    2. @Luis Sanchez yea it’s my main sport I’d go pro in if not I’m pretty good at volleyball, maybe basketball but I stopped playing

    3. Friend of mine averages 230 on house shots in home leagues. He entered several genuine pro tournaments and gets destroyed. House shots are far different then tournaments oil patterns. All pros average like 245 in house leagues.

  2. WTF? I would play that line if I was bowling on wood lanes that haven’t been oiled since 1959

    1. I worked at a bowling center as a teen in the ’70s, and back then we cleaned the the lanes in a separate operation from the oil machine by walking the lane with a paper roll mop. The lanes were natural wood, and beyond the arrows it was soft pine. Only the approaches and lane heads were hardwood. You could see some bad dents in the pine where balls were lofted out beyond the arrows. If they saw somebody lofting on purpose they’d kick him out. It’s probably not such a big deal today with synthetic lane surface.

  3. that’s bullshit. He’s standing on the lane approach to his left. And lofting the ball is bullshit too.

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